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All You Need to Know About Translation Services

Language is what defines the boundaries of civilization. It gives a certain identity to a group that strengthens this bond through customs and traditions. This implies the importance of a language for people belonging to a civilization/society.

But in the digital era of the 21st century, you need translation services to interact with people outside your society. 

We get that you have a lot of questions regarding this. Here are a few points that will help you know more about translation services and their impact,

Aren’t Translation and Interpretation the same?

They aren’t. The term translation is different from the interpretation. But often, these two terms are mixed up, leading to a lot of confusion. 

The translation is defined as converting words from one language to another with the exact meaning kept intact. 

At the same time, interpretation is more about summarizing the main idea of a sentence from one language to another so the other person may understand the meaning of the sentence.

Translation Services vs. Google Translate

We bet that you are already thinking about this while reading this article. And it is quite reasonable to think about it as well. 

But there’s one issue with this plan, precision. Google translate isn’t precise and is often criticized for its misinterpretation bugs that can be annoying most of the time. 

On the other hand, translation services don’t have any such drawbacks.

Do Translators have certain qualifications?

Yes, they have. Most believe that the individuals providing translation services know how to read/write in a certain language. But that is not entirely true. 

Translators must attain certain certifications to get a translator badge in most countries around the globe.

These certifications require individuals to pass certain written and spoken tests. The opportunities to appear in such tests are equal for both native and non-native speakers of a language. It all depends upon one’s mastery of a certain language.

Impact of Translation Services on the Distribution of certain cultures

The Internet opened up the world to all of us. With just a click, you can scroll to the other end of Amazon Rain Forests, taking a solid look at the lifestyles of indigenous people residing in those areas. But has this affected the cultures of people all around the globe?

When someone translates one language to another, they aren’t just translating mere words. They are translating the culture, customs, and beliefs of people who speak that language natively for people who speak a different language with different beliefs and ideals. This puts a whole new meaning and importance on the translation services domain. 

Final Note

If you want a precise translation of content, we suggest you get services from a professional translation service provider rather than relying on AI. There’s so much one needs to include in the translation of words and beliefs of a civilization/society.

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