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5 Reasons Not to Use Language Translation Software

We bet you are stuck between using translation software and acquiring services from a translation expert. Both options have their very own plus points. But when it gets to the absolute best results, we will advise you to keep a distance from the language translation software.

Why? Let us find out why it is best not to use language translation software.

  1. Lack of human coherence

There is a certain level of coherence when human talks or writes. No matter how much technology evolves, attaining this coherence is practically impossible. It is like a certain tone or how humans interact makes the content look and sound human.

In translation, this coherence can play a crucial role in determining the quality and impact of the translated copy. Software can’t reciprocate human coherence, and it will end up making the text sound made up or full of inaccurate structure designs.

  1. Translation outputs can be pretty irrelevant.

Probably the issue that is most reported by users who access language translation software services. The software doesn’t focus on coherence or building the content’s main idea. In most cases, it will be the word-to-word translation, making the translated copy more irrelevant than usual.

The software won’t also be able to link sentences to make up a conclusion within the text. Even if it can achieve some level of relevancy, it will be quite an effort on the user’s end to make it all look and sound professional.

  1. Lack of transcreation

Compared to the term ‘translation,’ ‘transcreation’ is a new idea. A major reason behind the emergence of this idea is that eCommerce and digital marketing have practically taken over the internet world. Transcreation refers to the idea that translation is expanded through collaborations with certain languages to effectively reach more people.

This is purely a marketing term, and creating a translation copy that can be expanded through transcreation isn’t something that can be done through translation software services. You need to hire a translation expert for such tasks.

  1. Saying goodbye to confidentiality

Confidentiality is a major issue in the online world. Every year, billions of dollars are spent by companies all around the globe to focus on their cyber security modules. Still, data theft and leak are something that is beyond the control of most online service providers.

Translation software service providers are also facing similar issues. Assume that you get a high-profile official document translated through online translation software. Just a couple of hours after that, you will see the document listed somewhere on the internet for sale with alterations made equivalent to data and identity theft.

  1. Correcting the text is not an option.

The whole point behind the launch of online and software-based translation services was that this way, translated content would be more accurate. But this will be a real shocker for most of the readers. Translation software isn’t able to effectively detect text errors. So, correcting the text according to the requirement is already a very far and distant plan.

Also, some paid translation software models come with text correction features, allowing the user to shape the translated content into a more formal style. But the subscription charges for such software aren’t affordable for everyone.

Any good translation alternative?

So, we hope that now you are looking for an alternative other than that software-based translation services. There is good translation software, but the subscription charges for such software are quite unbelievable. So, what other option do you have to get a professional-looking and sounding translated copy for your content?

The only good alternative we can suggest is to ask for certified expert help. You can easily find certified translation experts that will be able to translate the desired content just the way you want. Submit your copy and get the translated document in no time. That, too, with great sentence building and accuracy.

Final note

Language software services are a great addition to the translation service domain. But this software still needs to go a long way to prove its expertise and effectiveness.

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